2 hour Prague Ninebot tour

Prague parks and monastic brewery Ninebot tour.

Prague is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is memorable, historical,  and the cultural heart of Europe. Anyone can spend a couple of days walking around this gorgeous city. Prague offers a wide variety of sightseeing: historical monuments, rich architecture, unusual traditions and unique lifestyle. We combine the best places to visit in our 2-hour Ninebot tour in Prague! So believe us, you won’t get bored.

Your adventure begins with an amazing observation point where you can see the entire city from top of a hill. On our way to the «Star» of this journey, we will glide across Ladronka park, to the one of the most eye catching point of this route-a game preserve named Hvězda(star). After, we will go to the Břevnov Monastery, which is Benedictine archabbey, the first Benedictine male monastery in Bohemia. It was founded by Saint Adalbert, the second Bishop of Prague, in 993 AD. Also, it has the oldest tradition of beer brewing in the Czech Republic, to this very day. We will be able to taste beer and relax.


2 hour Prague Ninebot tour
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